• On TV:

    "Do goht dr Doig"  Laible und Frisch, the movie

    01.01.2019 - 16:45 SWR
    Director: Michael Rösel
    Casting: Manolya Mutlu

    To be seen in the media library, click here


    On stage:

    "Nacht ohne Sterne" (ÖEA)

    by Bernhard Studlar

    Theater KOSMOS Bregenz

    "Alles kann passieren"

    Political theater by D. Rabinovici and F. Klenk

    12.03.2019 Premiere
    Theater KOSMOS Bregenz


    "Odyssee - A play about homeland"

    based on the motifs of Homer

    25.04.2019 Premiere
    24.04. - 19.05.2019
    Theater KOSMOS Bregenz

    "Ismene, SCHWESTER VON"

    Monologue by Lot Vekemans

    Stadttheater Weilheim





  • On stage 2018:

    Ismene, Schwester von

    Monologue by Lot Vekemans

    Theater KOSMOS Bregenz



    On Set:

    Rosenheim Cops - Virak

    Part: Susanne Breitwieser (EHR)
    Director: Jörg Schneider
    Casting: Dreamteam Munich


    Readings 2018:

    "Ach, wenn doch endlich Frieden wäre! - Revoluzzer und Friedenstauben"

    16.11.2018 - 20:00
    Café Eulenspiegel - Wasserburg/Bodensee

    17.06.2018 - 19:00
    Villa Lindenhof - Friedensräume - Lindau

    "Advent Advent"

    16.12.2018 - 15:00
    Café Eulenspiegel - Wasserburg/Bodensee


    "Seesucht - eine musikalisch-literarische Havarie"

    12.07.2018 - 19:00
    Buch Netzer - Lindenberg


    At the recording studio:

    Dcumentary "Flipping Wars" Virgo Film AG

    Radio Play "03:00" by Julien Nagel, ORF

    New project at B.O.A.Videofilmkunst GmbH


  • Powerstart 2018

    The year began with sound recordings and various film festivals in a brilliant and powerful way.


    Berlinale 2018

    19. -22.02.18 you can meet me at various events around the Berlinale. Networking and meeting friends.

    Snowdance Independent Filmfestival 2018

    5 days workshop "Self-Awareness" with Beate Maes and guest lecturers Tom Bohn, Sebastian Gerold and Uwe Bünker. Great input and a very fine festival

    Max-Ophüls Preis 2018

    A wonderful film festival right at the beginning of the year with great films and great contact opportunities later in the evening.


    In the recording studio:

    Scrap-Kings (kabel1)
    Voice Over
    Virgo Film


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