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    eine musikalisch-literarische Havarie"

    Ahoy! Sailor's bride is the sea. The word duo Sabine Lorenz and Jürgen Widmer has brought Harald Lorenzen and his accordion on board. His sound has already tamed some "Klabautermann" and kindled some storms. Now it's time to go! To a seafaring, which is sometimes funny, but often melancholic. Ahab chases Moby Dick. Count Luckner dares to head and collar. Landlubbers wrestle with sea snakes. In between, Kuddeldaddeldu curls. Lake Constance also gets its victims. Whether the sea or the lake: In the end, we are all just flotsam in the infinite sea of ​​time.


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    "Und über die Großstadt senkt sich der Sommer" - eine lyrische Expedition in den Großstadtdschungel der 20er Jahre

    The racing reporter Egon Erwin Kisch goes on a hunt for the burglar Breitwieser. Erich Kästner sighs "It would be nicer if it were nicer" and Mascha Kaleko weaves longing into words.
    The word duo Sabine Lorenz and Jürgen Widmer, together with pianist Barbara Kent, trace the big city feeling in the time between the two world wars: shrewd, curious and sometimes melancholic. The world dances tumbling towards the abyss. Tango and Charleston set the beat in which marching music mixes again. Meanwhile everyone is looking for their way through the urban jungle and above all a little bit of luck...



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    "Schweizer Heimweh
    eine literarische Annäherung zum Spagat der Auslandsschweizer"

    Switzerland was once Europe's number one emigration country; The Swiss had to leave their country (out of poverty) or wanted to leave their country to seek their fortune elsewhere - and their homesickness, "la maladie suisse", was proverbial. From this suffering a distortion of perception can result ...
    The evening looks at clichés and takes preconceptions on the horns. What is behind "Schoggi" and "Chäs"? What abysses behind alpine peaks?
    With Peter Bamler, Sabine Lorenz and on accordion Harald Lorenzen


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    "Solche Liebestränen hatte ich noch nicht gekannt"

    The letters of Clara Wieck and Robert Schumann
    With Barbara Kent (piano), Sabine Lorenz and Jürgen Widmer (word)
    The story of love between Clara and Robert Schumann best tells the most often transfigured couple in music history - in their letters. The word duo Sabine Lorenz and Jürgen Widmer portray this love and suffering story in detail. They are musically accompanied by the Bregenz pianist Barbara Kent.

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    "Ach wenn doch endlich Frieden wäre - Revoluzzer und Friedentauben" - 2018

    Concert reading with the Augustin Quartet and the word duo "Lorenz & Widmer".
    100 years after the end of World War I, a string quartet and two word interpreters are searching for clues.
    Susanne Steingrüber (violin), Julia Beemelmans (violin) and Heidrun Kürzinger (viola) and Jörg Them (cello) play music from troubled times (Kurt Weill).
    Sabine Lorenz and Jürgen Widmer let Erich Mühsam, Rainer-Maria Rilke, Klabund and Oskar Maria Graf, among others, have their say. They tell of war fatigue, revolutionary activities and departure in Lindau and the world.


    "Vor Verdun wachsen Knochen aus der Erde" - 2014

    Concert reading with the string ensemble "Streich-Z-Art" and the word duo Sabine Lorenz and Jürgen Widmer.
    100 years after the outbreak of the First World War, a string quartet and two speakers are looking for clues.
    Julia Beemelmans, Susanne Daugalies (violin), Michael Hof (viola) and Jörg Them (cello) play music of the "Fin de Siècle", for example by Alexander Zemlinsky.
    Sabine Lorenz and Jürgen Widmer let Erich Kästner and the brave soldier Schweijk have their say and quote from Feldpostbriefe of Wasserburg soldiers.

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    "Da ist doch was im Busch!"

    The actress Sabine Lorenz reads together with Jürgen Widmer through the work of perhaps the most popular German poet: Wilhelm Busch. Included is his entire staff: Widow Bolte and the pious Helene, a frog with humor, Max and Moritz, but also quiet drinkers and entranced swarmers. In addition, there are insights into the life of the "finest human connoisseur of the 19th German Säkulums", as Ludwig Thoma called him


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    "Wie war Dein Tag, Schatz"

    Sabine Lorenz and Jürgen Widmer embark on an expedition into the relationship jungle. There they find texts by Kurt Tucholsky and Hugo von Hofmannsthal, languishing with Frank Wedekind, blushing with Heinz Erhardt and just wanting to sit with Loriot: Erotic, uncertain, exuberant and doubtful - just as in love and in life.

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    "Advent, Advent"

    ... now the third candle is burning. The Lindauer literature duo Sabine Lorenz and Jürgen Widmer celebrate together with the guests a cheery-contemplative, but also quite bizarre and a bit sentimental Advent afternoon. The lyrics come from, among others, Rilke and Kafka, Loriot and Ringelnatz. Since an advent without music is unthinkable, the string quartet StreichZArt will be added (violins: Julia Beemelmans & Susanne Steingrüber, viola: Heidrun Kürzinger, cello: Jörg Them)


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